Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins Denounce ‘Regressive Leftists’ for Granting ‘Free Pass’ to Islam

On Friday’s “Real Time” on HBO, host Bill Maher spoke with guest and atheist biologist Richard Dawkins on how many comedians were also atheist because religion, Maher said, is “easy to make fun of.”

Maher went on to say it is “ridiculous” that Muslims are a “protected species,” while Dawkins added that criticizing Muslims is “confused with racism.”

“So they think that if you you criticize Islam you’re being racist and you’re absolutely right that the regressive Muslims give a free pass to Islam,” he said. “They’re kind of right about everything else, I mean they’re right about misogyny and all of the other good things. But in the case of Islam, it just gets a free pass and I think it is because of the terror of being thought racist.”

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