Andrea Mitchell: ‘The United States Looks Very Weak Diplomatically’

NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent and “Andrea Mitchell Reports” anchor Andrea Mitchell declared, “the United States looks very weak diplomatically” in the Middle East on Friday.

Mitchell said, “we are not showing the muscle militarily, the US isn’t, that Russia and Iran are. And now you’ve got Iran at the table, Russia pushing this and claiming that they are in the lead here. You’ve got Jordan, one of our lead partners against ISIS, having a joint command center now with the Russians. We frankly — the United States looks very weak diplomatically, and you need military muscle to back up the diplomacy. Look at those pictures again from that table in Vienna. Lavrov is at the head of the table with John Kerry. We’re supposed to be — America’s supposed to be leading this coalition against ISIS, and Russia is now claiming either joint leadership or primary leadership here because it’s the Russian airstrikes that have been a game changer in recent weeks to prop up Assad.”

(h/t Washington Free Beacon)

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