Colbert to Jane Fonda: ‘You Are an Icon of Your Generation’

UPDATE: 11:38 am EST 12/28/15. The interview was a rerun of one that aired in November, not one that aired for the first time on Friday, December 25.

CBS’ “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert told Jane Fonda she is “an icon of your generation” and asked if she was “the voice of the Baby Boomer generation” during an interview with the actress on Friday.

Colbert said, “You are an icon of your generation. People say Bob Dylan was the voice of the Baby Boomer generation. Aren’t you, in some ways, the voice of the Baby Boomer generation? Because you were a sex symbol during the sexual revolution. You were an anti-war activist during Vietnam. You started the everybody get healthy workout craze. When, you know– during the ’80s when everybody– when business became king, you started your own business empire. You married a billionaire. Then, you became a person of faith. Now, you’re sort of leading the way into the Baby Boomers– showing them how to age with passion and grace. Aren’t you really, sort of, the icon of the entire scope of the Baby Boomer experience?

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