Minneapolis Print Shop Selling ‘Refugees Welcome’ Stickers

A Minneapolis print-shop owner has started a sticker campaign welcoming Syrian refugees, as a response to those in America who do not embrace the idea of Syrian refugees entering the country, according to a report by MPR News.

Mike Davis is the owner of a print shop, Burlesque of North America. When Davis learned more than half of the governors in the United States rejected plans to accept Syrian refugees, he partnered with friends, and published square stickers that read: “Refugees Welcome.”

“We thought we would end up passing out just a few to friends and family, but right out of the gate the response was huge,” Davis said.

Selling at two dollars for four stickers and five dollars for 20, Davis has sold more than 10,000 over the last few weeks. He hopes the stickers are a step to understanding and accepting refugees.

“There are a lot of assumptions being made about refugees based on what people might have heard in the news, or seen online on some Facebook meme. We want people to see the stickers and ask business owners what they mean,” he told MPR News. “I think that’s a really great first step towards understanding and acceptance.”

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