Krauthammer: Obama Used ‘Deception’ To Sell Iran Deal, ‘You Want to Weep’ When You See His Reaction To Iran’s Behavior

On Monday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel, columnist Charles Krauthammer stated that “You hear the administration reaction to what Iran is doing, and you want to weep” and that the administration used “deception” to sell the agreement while missing that Iran wouldn’t believe in the same “spirit” of the agreement that the US did, something that “anybody sentient” would have understood.

Krauthammer said, “You hear the administration reaction to what Iran is doing, and you want to weep. The president says it’s not living up to the spirit of the agreement. As if anybody sentient would believe that the Iranians believe in the kind of spirit Obama does. The reaction, the behavior since the signing of the agreement has shown that it has shown no concern whatsoever, the ballistic missiles, the shipping of weapons to rebels, the using of Hezbollah to fight on behalf of Assad in Syria, the threatening of the neighbors. I mean, this was so obvious from the beginning. Then you get Earnest today saying that what the Iranians are doing with the weapons shipment is not consistent with UN Security Council. No, it’s a violation. And the worst part of this is not just the naïveté, it’s the deception that the administration used in selling the agreement on two fronts. Number one, you show the clip of the administration spokesman saying that UN Security Council resolutions would prohibit ballistic missile launches. No, the administration, at the last minute, caved, changed the resolution, so it is not a violation. And we have now admitted it at the UN, and secondly, we had promised the Congress that we would not allow the Iranians to dollarize their transactions, and we are doing that now.”

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