MSNBC’s Reid Scolds Guest for Criticism of HBO’s Clarence Thomas Movie

MSNBC’s Joy Reid scolded guest Mark Paoletta, a former lawyer for the George H.W. Bush administration for critiquing the depiction of Angela Wright in “Confirmation,” HBO’s movie about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill because Wright while hosting on MSNBC’s “The Place for Politics 2016” on Saturday.

Paoletta said, “Angela Wright, who — I think in this movie, that’s the biggest lie in this movie, is that she was prevented from testifying. You know, the back story to Angela Wright is that she was fired several times, and at the State Department, the job before she went to the EEOC, to work for Clarence Thomas, where she was fired, she was going to get let go, she made baseless racism allegations against her supervisor.”

Reid then cut in, “She’s not here to answer for herself, so we’re not going to be slagging her on the air, making allegations about her that she can’t even be here to refute.”

Reid, after saying a second time that it wasn’t “fair” to Wright to “make allegations” when she wasn’t there, asked, “But isn’t this also the issue, that women come forward, and then this is what happens, essentially?”

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