Trump: ‘Get Rid of Carried Interest And Some Other’ Tax Loopholes, ‘Especially on Wall Street’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said that he to “get rid of carried interest, and some other things” loopholes in the tax code, and that while he isn’t talking about closing loophole for the rich in general, he wants to close loopholes “especially on Wall Street” on Thursday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Trump was asked [relevant exchange begins around 2:55] about his comments earlier that day where he said that he believes in raising taxes on the wealthy, including himself and whether he wants to raise taxes on the wealthy.

He stated, “Well, I want to do something with the Wall Street guys, because some of these guys are making so much money, and they have carried interests provisions, and I understand very well, and I’ve used them myself. I think they’re wonderful, but I think they’re unfair, and I want to get rid of carried interest, and some other things, and — but overall, my taxes are going down big league for the middle class, big league for business, and I think ultimately, everyone’s going to do better, because our businesses are going to generate a lot money.”

He was then asked, “You were talking about loopholes, especially on Wall Street, but not the rich in general. Is that — did I understand that correctly?”

Trump answered, “Yeah, and especially on Wall Street. Sure, and I know the Wall Street guys. They make a fortune. They pay very little tax, and frankly, you have to pay some tax, and you have to pay it. … We’re going to get taxes down, but the Wall Street guys, with the carried interests and stuff, we’ve got to get rid of stuff.”

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