Megyn Kelly Shocked That ‘Clinton Cash’ Author Works for ‘Trump-Bart’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File,” during a segment about the forthcoming documentary “Clinton Cash,” which is based the New York Times bestselling book “Clinton Cash” by Breitbart editor at large Peter Schweizer, host Megyn Kelly and Fox News contributor Dana Perino discussed what potential impact that movie could have on Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton.

However, Kelly seemed surprised that Breitbart News Executive Chairman and SiriusXM radio host Stephen K. Bannon was also involved in the project, referring to him as the “guy from Trump-bart.”

Transcript as follows:

KELLY: So, joining me now to discuss that, Dana Perino, co-host of the five. She’s served as White House Press Secretary under George W. Bush. Dana, great to see you.

PERINO: Thanks for having me.

KELLY: So, Stirewalt was, hey, there is a nice little pepper jelly for her right before her convention kicks off.

PERINO: When the book came out a year or 18 months ago, it was quite explosive, and I remember it wasn’t just the right who was saying, my gosh, look what the Clintons are doing. It was a lot of journalists and some people on the left.

The journalists were saying, this looks little fishy like they don’t really care about the Benghazi unbelievably giving your last segment. They don’t like to care about the email thing, they’re like, oh, it doesn’t matter to them.

This actually seemed to bother them. Now this documentary probably will not be embraced by the mainstream media or the left, but I do think that it will pack a punch, and it’s just yet another bad thing for Hillary.

KELLY: The allegations were essentially that people were paying to have access to her, to get favors done by her while she was secretary of state and, you know, her husband was at the Clinton Foundation, her daughter was running the Clinton Foundation, and so on.

And so, you can’t do that. You can’t buy favor from a politician and get favorable behavior and response.

But Steve Bannon he is the producer. He is the guy from Trump-bart, right? Like this is not even an attempt to be a non-partisan thing.

PERINO: The “Clinton Cash” the book really was a partisan thing.


KELLY: Right. It’s surprising to see Schweizer partner with Bannon.

PERINO: Well, I mean, he might have been the best option for Schweizer at that point. But I do think that something like when Bill Clinton says I had to pay our bills, it’s probably taken out of context.

I remember when Michael Moore did his documentary about President Bush and he has that — he cuts that piece at the golf course. He says now watch this drive. And it looked terrible for President Bush.

So, regardless of who produced it, like for people who are going to watch it that are still either undecided or maybe not that motivated to vote, could this hurt? Yes. And yes, she does have a problem with women. Corruption bothers them.

KELLY: But why do you think that will have any greater impact than the book did or for that matter, the film 13 hours, you know, about the Benghazi heroes.

PERINO: It’s one of the reasons why your show is so popular, it’s visual. We are a visual — exactly right.

KELLY: Here’s your thing.

PERINO: This is why people tune in to watch because it’s good television. And people, I remember the Clinton Cash book. I mean, if they watch Fox, maybe they go have a big memory. The visual memory is easier to remember.
And remember, Donald Trump has decided that his nickname for Hillary will be ‘crooked Hillary. It’s already stuck. So, you add something like this documentary, which is not coming till July but we’re talking about it here in May, so you’re going to hear about this for the next three months. Yes, it will have a lasting impression.

KELLY: What do you make of the fact that, you know, the Clinton campaign is going to release everything it has against Donald Trump. And even now we’re hearing some of the mainstream media like the Washington Post is just going deep dive on Trump’s background.
And so, could this threat potentially be neutralized by Hillary? And how — we always talk about people underestimating Trump. What about those who underestimate the Clintons when it comes to fighting with bernacles.

KELLY: That’s another reason people are going to tune in every night from between now and November 8th, because you don’t know what’s going to happen.

You’re just full of good news.

PERINO: I am. I really do always have good news.

KELLY: And the good news is.

PERINO: And another reason to, you know, just keep paying attention here.

KELLY: Thank you, Dana.

PERINO: So, when Trump goes after Hillary, a lot of people say, well, everyone knows everything about Hillary, but no one’s gone after Hillary in this way yet, it will make some people uncomfortable, it will probably be a very uncivil campaign from both sides and it will just be sort of race to the bottom.

I would expect that they’re going to try to do everything to win. So, whatever they have about Donald Trump, they will us and the media will probably use it. But can it be neutralized? Not by this documentary, but by Donald Trump, maybe.

KELLY: He said, 10 days ago or so, we can go the low road.

PERINO: Yes. If she wants. It’s her choice, right?

KELLY: Dana, great to see you.

PERINO: Thank you.

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