‘Plastic Model’ Has Six Ribs Removed to Obtain 16-Inch Waist

Pixee Fox wants to look like a cartoon character.

She recently got closer to that after undergoing surgery to have six of her ribs removed, according to a report by Fox 19.

The Instagram model has turned her hobby of getting plastic surgery into a career.

Growing up in Sweden, Fox felt like she did not fit in, so she moved to the United States to begin her transformation by undergoing numerous plastic surgeries.

“Every surgery, I’m getting happier. Doesn’t matter if I want to be a plastic model or I want to be an electrician. I can do whatever,” Fox said.

On top of having her bottom three ribs on each side removed, Fox has had a brow lift, a Brazilian butt lift, two eye lid surgeries, three nose jobs and four breast augmentations.

Not many surgeons told Fox they would remove her ribs, but she eventually found Dr. Barry Eppley of Eppley Plastic Surgery in Carmel, IN, who agreed to do it.

He removed portions of Fox’s 10th, 11th and 12th ribs, which reduced her waist to a mere 16 inches.

Fox is not done yet with her mission to look like a cartoon character. There are more surgeries in her future.

“I have a vision, and slowly but surely I’m getting there,” Fox said. “I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life.”

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