Hanson on Trump Muslim Ban: ‘Smart’ to Pause Immigration From Jihadist-Controlled Areas

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” The Center For Security Policy’s executive vice president Jim Hanson said presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is right to call for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States, calling it “smart.”

Hanson said, “The Obama administration has abdicated its responsibility to keep us safe and its handcuffed our law enforcement and national security agencies in their ability to even investigate the Islamist terror. They’re bringing in these people, the FBI director has said we can’t screen them. And they just want to whistle past the graveyards which are filling up with victims from places like San Bernardino and Orlando.”

He continued, “Well, when Donald Trump said he wanted a ban on all Muslims, or a pause on all Muslim immigration, he was close to the mark. It would be smart right now to pause immigration from jihadist controlled or influenced areas and take a look at whether or not letting anyone who is Sharia adherent Muslim— which is a totalitarian ideology not the religion — has any business coming in this country ever. We can ban totalitarian ideologues from entry with existing laws. And it’s probably  time to do that and stop bringing in more jihadists into the United States.”

He added, “I think you’re hitting it right on the mark. That’s why the Sharia adherence is the important thing. It’s not all Muslims. There are plenty of Muslims willing to live in peace. But the ones who follow Sharia, which is a large number, it’s a third to half worldwide, have no way to follow the Constitution because they’re required to place that above any man-made law. So they’re not going assimilate. It’s not a question of their parents or internet or ISIS or anything. That’s what they taught and that is what they follow. That leads them to jihad and leads to dead bodies. We got to stop it.”

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