Megyn Kelly Battles NBP Shabazz Over ‘Reparations and Compensation for All the Blood’

Tonight on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File,” from the Republican National Convention host Megyn Kelly had a heated interview with the former National Chairman of the New Black Panther Party and co-founder of National President of Black Lawyers for Justice, Malik Zulu Shabazz.

Partial transcript as follows:

SHABAZZ: No, No. It’s a racially insensitive country, time and time again.

KELLY: That’s why it’s hard to take you seriously when you try to speak out about police and issues of race.

SHABAZZ: Take me very seriously. as these police departments are choking out black men such as Darius Robinson in Oklahoma, choking the life out of us. we can’t even make it to trial and get a decent trial with due process without the police of America killing us outright. That’s why everybody is upset.

KELLY: Why can’t we agree that there are some cop shoot kzings that are bad and there of course are some cops that are racist.

SHABAZZ: Okay. Got that.

KELLY: Of course. but by the same token, some of these shootings are okay.

SHABAZZ: Which one? Which shooting is okay?

KELLY: To the extent — listen, what I mean by okay is within the confines of policy and the law. In other words, the defendant was attacking the cop as we saw in the Michael Brown case.

SHABAZZ: No, no. I don’t agree with that. I don’t agree with that. I don’t agree with that

KELLY: .So there’s no — there’s no reasoning with you. Can’t you understand that the cops feel like targets now just for doing their job?

SHABAZZ: I’m not going to blame mike brown for that. the police departments in America have — no one has constrained them. No one has brought them under control. this type of attitude.

KELLY: President Obama’s DOJ has 26 investigations into them. He is –

SHABAZZ: No, he has not. the department of justice has failed us. The prosecutors in America such as St. Louis county have failed us. And this campaign here is creating an atmosphere where more police brutality is expected in America.

KELLY: More police brutality?

SHABAZZ: More police brutality is expected due to this type of campaign, which promotes racism and division. It’s going to create more police who desire to kill us.

KELLY: Do you believe that white people are inherently evil?

SHABAZZ: I believe that the actions that they show through using excessive force, violating the Constitution, through killing us, show that our lives — show that our lives —

KELLY: Do you use the term cracker to refer to white people?

SHABAZZ:  Excuse me. you want to deviate from the —

KELLY: No. I want the audience to know what you stand for.

SHABAZZ: I want to tell you what I stand for.

KELLY: Do you use the term cracker to refer to white people?

SHABAZZ: Do you want to let me talk?

KELLY: Go ahead and answer.

SHABAZZ: Okay. But your first question is do I believe you are inherently evil. i believe that your policies and your actions are evil, and they result in us being killed when in the same circumstance —

KELLY: I got that. what about cracker? do you refer to white people as cracker

SHABAZZ:  Do I refer to white people as cracker? Yes, I have in my anger, as many people in their anger have referred to others as derogatory names.

KELLY: I don’t think that’s a common term.


KELLY: Did you say that we should kill every g damn Zionist in Israel? That old ladies should be blown up?

SHABAZZ: Acknowledge the death of Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray, Mike Brown.

KELLY: Freddie Gray, four acquittals in that case.

SHABAZZ: Bad prosecution. Darius Stewart, Darius Robinson. Eric Garner, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile.

KELLY: I’m granting that there’s some bad police shootings.

SHABAZZ: Worse than bad police shootings. It’s a bad system, and the country is going totally in the wrong direction. And until we get justice, there’s not going to be no peace.

KELLY: I got it.

SHABAZZ: And until the court system works, there can’t be no peace. And until we get reparations and compensation for all the blood that you are spilling…

KELLY Reparation?

SHABAZZ: That you’re spilling of our blood, then, Mrs. Kelly, there cannot be peace.It’s the white power structure and you’re part of that. You’re an important voice. If you would stop being so hostile to our position.

KELLY: I’m not hostile.

SHABAZZ: You would, do you recognize that black lives matter?

KELLY We have people form Black Lives Matter on but they don’t always take antagonistic positions when it comes to white people as a group.

SHABAZZ:  Do you believe — do you believe that black lives matter?

KELLY: I  got to go because I have my next —

SHABAZZ: There it is.

KELLY: Thank you for being here.

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