Clift: ‘Very Aggressive Lobby’ In US Working To Undermine Iran Deal ‘In Coordination With Israel’

On Friday’s “McLaughlin Group,” the Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift argued that there’s a “very aggressive lobby” in the US working to undermine the Iran nuclear deal “in coordination with Israel,” and “the hardliners of both countries are in concert here.”

Clift stated, “[Y]ou have a very aggressive lobby in this country working to undermine this deal, in coordination with Israel, and trying to undermine the economic benefits that are supposed to flow to Iran for being part of this deal.”

She added, “Boeing is — would like to sell them planes. It’s a big deal. And they needed — their commercial airlines are falling apart. And the lobby in this country, in coordination with the US Congress, mostly Republicans, are trying to stop that deal. If Iran doesn’t see economic benefits, the hardliners in that country will work to kill the deal. So, you know, the hardliners of both countries are in concert here. The deal is holding, but it’s fragile.”

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