Pastor Burns: Trump Has A Lot Of African-American Supporters — ‘More Than the Polls Would Ever Show’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” a supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, Pastor Mark Burns, declared Donald Trump to have “a lot of African-American supporters, adding that is was “more than the polls would ever show.”

Burns said, “The fact of the matter is, unlike what the media was trying to portray, Donald Trump has a lot of African-American supporters. More than the polls would ever show.”

He continued, “The people I talk to daily—I wear my Donald Trump shirt everywhere I go and you would you be surprised the supporters who are black and Hispanic and different ethnic groups who say they support Donald Trump. They understand with the Democratic Party they’ve been getting a bad deal and like today, Hillary Clinton is continuously using the race-baiting objective to divide and conquer. Put blacks in one place and Hispanics in one place, put other ethnic groups in one place, and instead of bringing us together, as a United States of America, they’re consistently dividing to conquer us and getting us to focus on the color of our skin and not the colors of red, white and blue of America.”

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