Nation’s Dave Zirin: Trump Told Kaepernick to Go Back to Africa

The Nation magazine sports editor Dave Zirin accused Donald Trump Saturday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” of telling San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to go back to Africa when the GOP presidential nominee suggested Kaepernick should find a different country to live in if he is upset with America.

Zirin told host Joy Reid, “The idea it’s okay for Donald Trump to go across the country bashing the United States, yet for Colin Kaepernick just to say, ‘Wait a minute, we have a problem with police accountability,’ and he’s somehow the person who then Donald Trump gets to say effectively, go back to Africa. He said find yourself another country to live in then. It says something about who really has the right to have dissent in this country and who doesn’t. I think Colin Kaepernick, what he’s done, is he’s exposed so many of the hypocrisies that underline how we view free speech in this country, how we view dissent in this country and how we view who is allowed to speak out in this country.”

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