Megyn Kelly Defends Matt Lauer — ‘If You Try and Throw Too Much Shade at Hillary,’ the Press Wants ‘to Kill You’

On her Thursday broadcast, Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly took on critics of NBC’s Matt Lauer, who is under fire for the way he moderated Wednesday’s “Commander-in-Chief” forum.

According to Kelly, it has much to do with Lauer’s questioning of Clinton.

“[I] am friends with Matt Lauer and I respect Matt Lauer, a lot,” she said. “I think he actually doesn’t get enough questions for the tough questions he asks on that show. I don’t know Howie, you can’t win in this election. You can’t win, especially with, all due respect to our brethren, the left-wing press, because they want to see you kill Trump. And if you try and throw too much shade at Hillary, then they want to kill you.”

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