Trump Predicts More Terror Attacks — Says Leaders Are ‘Stupid’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump weighed in on the weekend’s terror attacks.

Trump predicted we would see more of this going forward.

“Well it’s a mess and it’s a shame and we’re going to have to be very tough,” Trump said. “I think maybe we’re going to be seeing a big change over the last couple of days. I think this is something maybe will happen perhaps more and more all over country.”

He on to blame weakness from national leaders for letting in more refugees and then went on to revise his description of the leaders as “stupid.”

“Our country has been weak,” he continued. “We’re letting people in by the thousands, tens of thousands. I’ve been saying you got to stop it – I mean, just last week Obama said more than a hundred thousand people are going to come from Syria. More people are going to come in, a hundred thousand. Hillary Clinton wants to increase what he’s let in. He’s let in thousands and thousands of people. They don’t know, they can’t be properly vetted.”

“Our leaders are – I don’t even say weak,” he added. “I say stupid.”

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