Rush Limbaugh: How About Sean Hannity as Trump’s Press Secretary?

Friday on his radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh speculated on who President-elect Donald Trump’s press secretary might be when Trump is sworn in as president.

Among the names Limbaugh first mentioned were “The Apprentice” standout Omarosa Manigault and Trump campaign surrogates Katrina Pierson and Scottie Nell Hughes.

However, one name Limbaugh put forth was Fox News and radio talk host Sean Hannity.

“How about Hannity?” Limbaugh said. “How about Sean Hannity as press secretary? Would that not be – well, Tony Snow did it. Would that not be – well, Tony Snow was at Fox, so what?”

Other name that Limbaugh mentioned was Kellyanne Conway, but said she was going to be “behind the scenes.”

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