Zionist Organization of America: Bannon ‘A Fine Human,’ Anti-Semitism Allegations A Smear

Zionist Organization of America Special Projects Director Liz Berney pushed back against accusations of anti-Semitism against President-Elect Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist & Senior Counselor Stephen K. Bannon during a discussion on Tuesday’s “CNN Tonight.”

said, “I think so many people who actually know Steve Bannon, including people that we know, have said that said he is a very decent person, and he actually helped in our difficulties with CUNY with the anti-Semitic protests at CUNY…Breitbart people were instructed by him to contact Governor Cuomo to see that New York state would do something about this. We’ve also analyzed the articles that he has in Breitbart and so many of them have been pro-Israel. Just this week, he wrote an article talking about the pain of a Jewish student who found a swastika on her doorway. This is not something that an anti-Semite would write about.”

She added, “It’s very painful to feel see somebody smeared who’d doesn’t deserve it, and who’s a fine human being. We’ve read through the article about the alt-right, and it’s a piece of reporting. It’s not an endorsement of the alt-right.”

Berney later said the alt-right article isn’t “particularly complimentary. … The people who actually work for Breitbart have been very critical of the alt-right movement.”

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