Panetta: Trump ‘Forgot That He Was President’ During CIA Visit

Monday on CNN’s “Situation Room,” former CIA Director Leon Panetta said when President Donald Trump was speaking at CIA headquarters in Langley, VA on Saturday, “He forgot that he was president of the United States.”

Panetta said, “As former chief of staff to presidents, I’ve seen them walk into that office, the Oval Office, and suddenly be aware of the awesome responsibility that you have as president of the United States. And, you know, sometimes it’s tough for any individual to out of the campaign mode and suddenly realize that it’s over. You’re now — you’re now the 45th president of the United States. And I just got the impression when he was speaking there that somehow, he forgot that he was president of the United States and was speaking to the intelligence officers that spend their lives trying to serve this country. That was not the appropriate place to start whining about what was happening in terms of numbers at the inauguration and what have you. I hope — I hope that he has learned from that experience, that when you go and visit these agencies and departments, do it with a great deal of respect for the people that serve this country.”

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