ESPN’s Le Batard: Politics Are Not Hurting the Company — ‘The Company Doesn’t Have Politics’

Monday, ESPN Radio “The Dan Le Batard Show” host Dan Le Batard weighed in on the amount of subscribers his employer has lost recently, blaming it on new technology and not politics because “the company doesn’t have politics.”

“So many of you write in every time we say something that you disagree with politically, even though we don’t talk politics around here,” Le Batard stated. “We talk race, we talk about cultural issues — we don’t talk politics. So many of you write in, ‘That’s why ESPN is losing subscribers, because of its liberal leanings.’ It’s just a basic misunderstanding of what is happening with ESPN that confirms to your biases. That is not why ESPN is losing subscribers at all. ESPN is losing subscribers because in 2017, all of the technology has changed and 99 million of you have been paying for something that 98 million of you may not be using at any given time.”

He added, “It’s not about the politics of the company. The company doesn’t have politics.”

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