CNN’s Keilar: If Clinton Was President, She Wouldn’t Agree to Independent Counsel Dems Want for Trump

During an interview with former Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook on Friday’s “CNN Newsroom,” anchor Brianna Keilar responded to calls for an independent commission to investigate ties between the Trump administration and Russia by arguing that there’s “no way” Hillary Clinton “would agree to independent counsel if this were her.”

When Mook called for an independent commission into Trump-Russia ties, Keilar said, “If I were to put Hillary Clinton in the shoes of Donald Trump, Robby, you have to admit she would never agree to an independent commission. When there was special counsel for her husband Bill Clinton, she was opposed to it, and, in retrospect, you can see why, because it was supposed to look into Whitewater, and then there was this mission creep, and it ended up leading to perjury about Monica Lewinsky and his impeachment. There’s no way she would agree to independent counsel if this were her.”

Mook countered that he didn’t think Clinton was “germane” because Trump is the president, not Clinton.

Keilar concluded by saying that there are “certainly a lot of valid questions” about the Trump administration’s ties to Russia.

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