CNN’s Keilar on Pence-Clinton Email Comparisons: Clinton ‘Had More Sensitive Information That She Was Transmitting’

During an interview with former Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook on Friday’s “CNN Newsroom,” anchor Brianna Keilar pushed back against comparisons between Vice President Mike Pence having a private email server, and Clinton’s email conduct by pointing out Clinton deleted emails while under subpoena and “had more sensitive information that she was transmitting.”

After Mook said that he thought Pence’s email use was the same as Clinton’s, Keilar pushed back, saying, “But she used a private server. She deleted emails — or her aides did — or the lawyers did while she was under subpoena.”

Mook responded that Pence had refused to turn over some of his emails on the grounds that they were too sensitive. Keilar countered that Pence’s office said it was in the middle of processing them, and conceded that Pence was hacked.

Keilar added, “[S]he had more sensitive information that she was transmitting.”

She further stated, “[D]on’t you sort of undercut some of your argument when you’re talking about the emails with Hillary Clinton not being a true controversy? I mean, it’s not mutually exclusive for it to be a true controversy, and for Republicans to have made hay over it. I mean, it was very much a real issue, and — I mean, even she, although it took her a long time, admitted she shouldn’t have done it. I don’t know anyone who says yes, she should have done that. And isn’t that what it would be if it were a fake controversy?”

Mook responded that he wasn’t going to re-litigate if Clinton’s email conduct was right or wrong, but that Pence’s email conduct shows that the outrage over Clinton’s emails was “totally manufactured.”

Mook also brought up EPA Director Scott Pruitt’s private email, which prompted Keilar to state that Pruitt wasn’t a public official while he used a private email, and that there’s a difference between a public official and a member of the private sector using private email.

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