HHS Sec Price: Expect Senate Vote on Obamacare Repeal By August Recess

Friday on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price predicted the Senate would vote on its version of an Obamacare by the August recess.

Partial transcript as follows (courtesy of HughHewitt.com):

HEWITT: So let me finish with back on Obamacare replacement, do we get a Senate bill this summer to look at and vote on, Secretary Price? I know it’s not your call, but you are a cheerleader for this. I think with the collapse in the individual market in so many places, we need to move quickly.

PRICE: Yeah.

HEWITT: Do you sense agreement on that point?

PRICE: I do. I do. Leader McConnell is absolutely committed to getting a bill out of the Senate, and we will continue to work with the Leader and all the other senators who are interested, as I say, in working toward a positive, productive outcome. And I do, I believe the Senate will produce a bill this summer.

HEWITT: And will we get a vote before they recess?

PRICE: I believe so.

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