Fmr Clinton Spox Fallon: ‘Have to Assume’ Trump’s Russia Policy ‘Part of a Quid Pro Quo’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “CNN Newsroom,” former Clinton Campaign Press Secretary Brian Fallon argued that one has to assume President Trump’s foreign policy towards Russia is a quid pro quo for help the Russians gave Trump during the campaign.

Fallon said, “[T]his investigation is probably still going to take a long while to play out, but what I do think should rouse Republicans on Capitol Hill to act is the fact that this is playing out with respect to US foreign policy towards Russia. So, the president continues to want to weaken the Russia sanctions that the Senate passed just last month. The president is apparently entertaining the idea of giving back spy compounds inside the United States government — inside the United States’ territory to the Russians. So, as we speak, the president is still carrying out a foreign policy that is shockingly favorable to Vladimir Putin, and you have to assume it’s part of a quid pro quo based on help that was provided during the campaign.”

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