AP’s Pace: Sometimes Members of the Media ‘Do Ourselves a Disservice by Making Ourselves the Story’

On Friday’s broadcast of PBS’ “Washington Week,” Associated Press Washington Bureau Chief Julie Pace argued that sometimes members of the press hurt themselves by becoming the story, it’s dangerous for democracy if people don’t trust independent news sources, and President Trump has a deliberate strategy to undermine the media.

Pace said that Trump’s attacks on the media have hit a new level. She added, “We in the media don’t have a lot of friends. And sometimes we do ourselves a disservice by making ourselves the story here, instead of emphasizing the role that we play in our democracy and the important function that we have in our politics.”

She continued, “I do think that if the public doesn’t trust what they hear from independent news sources, that puts our democracy in a really precarious position. And I do think this is very strategic on the president’s part. I have said this before. I think this is as much a part of his agenda as the wall and Obamacare and tax reform, is undermining the media so that when there are negative stories about him out there, when there is really important reporting that is done, he can turn to his base and say, ‘You don’t believe that.'”

Pace concluded, “So we need to keep doing our job, doing it fairly, doing it accurately, and reminding people that what we’re here to do is to be their eyes and ears in Washington and at the White House and in Congress.”

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