Dennis Prager: ‘Those Who Do Not Fight Real Evil, Fight Statues’

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” talk show host Dennis Prager took aim at the movement currently underway in the country against statues.

Prager told host Tucker Carlson that effort was characteristic of the left, which is to fight “made-up evils.”

“Those who do not fight real evil, fight statues,” Prager said. “This is part of a rule of life I established many years ago. I think it is a defining characteristic of the left, not of liberals necessarily, but of the left. And that is they don’t fight the biggest evils. They fight made-up evils instead. They didn’t fight communism. They fought anti-communism. They don’t fight Islamism. They fight Islamophobia. This is another example of that.”

“Real evil — the left is AWOL,” he added. “Statues — they don’t fight back, and they’re immobile. You’re not going to get hurt smashing a statue, so this is their big battle.”

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