Hume: If Trump Crosses Gun Owners, It Is at His Peril

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” network senior political analyst Brit Hume warned if President Donald Trump were to pursue gun control in a way that crossed gun owners, it would be “at his peril.”

Hume comments pertained to Trump’s remarks earlier in the day on “talking about gun laws” in response the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday.

“He’s pretty committed to the gun owners,” Hume said. “They were clearly very supportive of him. These are people whose passion gives them political power beyond their absolute numbers. I think he would cross them to his peril — at his peril because he’s down with those people. He’s not an ideologue and how deeply he believes in the Second Amendment is anybody’s guess. But he would be climbing well out on a limb if he were to do that.”

Hume went on to add there may be room for compromise.

“What he could do is reach some kind of a deal where he wouldn’t permit these conversion kits, and these other measures that make a semi-automatic rifle perform like an automatic rifle and I’m not sure how the NRA would oppose that — if they would at all,” he added.

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