Charles Barkley Wants to Get Rid of ‘Awful’ Republican, Democratic Parties

NBA Hall of Fame’s Charles Barkley said that if he could, he would get rid of both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Scoop B Radio’s Brandon Robinson asked the “NBA on TNT” analyst what he would do if he ruled the world for one day and Barkley said he would get rid of the two parties because they fight “like little kids.”

“I’d get rid of both the Republicans and the Democrats because they’re both awful,” Barkley told Robinson in the brief clip.”They fight all the time, like little kids. We got serious issues. We need serious people trying to solve them.”

Barkley went on to say that he is a “big supporter of immigration,” saying we need to find a way to keep Hispanics in the United States because they do jobs that black people and white people do not want to do.

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