Will Cain: Wendell Carter’s Mom Comparing NCAA to Slavery ‘a Disservice’ to What Black People Went Through

Tuesday, ESPN’s Will Cain reacted on “First Take” to former Duke University basketball star Wendell Carter’s mom, Kylia Carter, likening the NCAA to slavery.

Cain said Carter’s comparison is “wrong” and does a “disservice” to what black people experienced as slaves because playing basketball is a choice.

“I think it does a disservice to both slavery and to the NCAA to draw this conclusion,” said Cain. “Look, with all due respect, Wendell Carter’s mom is wrong, and it does an absolute disservice, as you alluded to, Stephen A., to what African-Americans went through in the 1800s and 1700s and 1600s of this country to in any way compare it to a modern day half a million dollar education offer for playing basktball. It is such a stretch. The only service it does, the only validity of the point, is to really hone in as a correction into what is wrong with the NCAA. because it certainly isn’t slavery. It certainly isn’t the prison system.”

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