Tucker Carlson: The Left Knows If We Abolish ICE, ‘Borders Become Irrelevant’

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson offered his theory as to why the “abolish ICE” movement was picking up steam on the left.

According to Carlson, for some Democrats, it is seen as a political winner.

“Well, with shocking speed, it has become normal on the left to demand the abolition of ICE and the 20,000 agents that work there and enforce the immigration laws,” he said. “Just a few weeks ago it was only a few activists on the far left calling for this. And then this week on Tuesday, congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won a Democratic primary against Joe Crowley in New York. She ran on abolishing ICE, and now in a flash, ambitious Democrats are scrambling aboard the bandwagon.”

“Last night, for example, senator and career opportunist Kirsten Gillibrand in New York says she favors abolishing ICE, the opposite of the opinion from a few years ago,” Carlson continued. “Kamala Harris is open to that. Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York, has also called to abolish ICE as is seven Democrats in the house. This is gaining steam. And yet, no one advocating for this is not thinking even for a moment about the effect of abolishing ICE.”

Carlson warned such a move would have repercussions. However, he said that many Democrats see the effects of abolishing ICE as a way to introduce new Democratic Party voters into the electorate.

“What will happen when word gets out that nobody in any country on the globe has anything to fear from our immigration authorities?” Carlson asked. “If you can make it past our Border Patrol and get a tourist visa, you overstay and never be deported. Once people know that, how many people will move here illegally every year? A million? Five million? Ten million? Who knows? How many might be criminals or extremists or future welfare dependents? We don’t know that either. But we know it won’t be long if that happens for dozens of U.S. cities to look like what Tijuana looks like right now.”

“None of these anti-ICE lawmakers are not asking any of these questions,” he added. “They don’t care about the answers because they’re irrelevant. They know if we abolish ICE and the borders become irrelevant they will get what they want. A new body of voters who can shove aside the troublesome people who are already American citizens. The people demanding the abolition of ICE are not looking out for those. Ordinary Americans don’t want ICE abolished. Even 60 percent of the Democrats don’t want ICE abolished. It’s a radical position, but it’s the new normal on the left.”

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