Pelosi: Trump Should Apologize for Cowering in the Presence of Putin

Thursday at her weekly press briefing, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called on President Donald Trump to apologize to the American people for cowering in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin at their joint press conference in Helsinki earlier this week.

Pelosi said, “Monday the entire world witnessed President Trump cower in the presence of Putin. I sadly besiege President trump to apologize to the American people for his disgraceful, dangerous, damaging behavior with Putin, in Helsinki. I call on my Republican colleagues in Congress to join Democrats in that request for an apology.”

She added, “President Trump obviously seemed frightened in the presence of Putin. What was he afraid of? What is Putin blackmailing President Trump with personally politically or finically? Whatever it is it is a level of blackmail that the American people cannot afford. Putin appears to be President Trump’s puppeteer. And that day in Helsinki he shined a light on the strings.”

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