Stossel: I Don’t Want YouTube To Censor People, But ‘That Would Be Their Right’

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” journalist John Stossel discussed YouTube attaching text from the Wikipedia article on global warming underneath videos on the subject, including some of his. Stossel stated that the Wikipedia page is “one-sided.” He also said YouTube isn’t censoring him and that he doesn’t want YouTube to censor people, but they can if they want to since they’re a private entity.

Stossel said, “Wikipedia’s usually pretty good, but this page has been captured by the alarmists, and it’s very one-sided.”

He added that YouTube isn’t “censoring” him, it’s “sending a signal that this Stossel guy, he may be misleading you about global warming, and you better check Wikipedia. … Look, they can censor anybody they want. It’s a private platform. I don’t want them to, and I think the consumers will punish them if they do, but that would be their right. So far, they’re only saying, this is a notice, check out Wikipedia.”

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