Watch: Cornyn Accuses Dem Colleagues of Mob Rule

Tuesday at Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) accused his Democratic colleagues of “mob rule” for demanding that the hearing be delayed.

Cornyn said, “I haven’t been in as many confirmation hearings as some of my colleagues, but this is the first Supreme Court Justice nominee I’ve seen basically according to mob rule. We have norms for decorum. Everybody, as you pointed out, is going to get a chance to have their say.”

He added, “You’ve given everybody a chance to ask questions for up to 15 minutes. You’ve given them a chance to make an opening statement. Any one of our colleagues can step out and talk to the press and make whatever comments they want to the press, tell the world how they feel about this. The fact is, it is hard to take it seriously when every single one of our colleagues in the Senate Judiciary Committee on the Democratic side have announced their opposition to this nominee, even before today’s hearing. It is hard to take seriously their claim that, somehow, they can’t job because they’ve been denied access to attorney-client or executive privilege documents when they’ve already made up their mind before the hearing. There’s nothing fair about that. We’d ask for an opportunity for the American people to be able to listen to this nominee answer the questions that we have. I think that’s how we ought to proceed. I hope we will.”

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