McCaskill: Democrats Have a ‘Tendency to Talk Maybe Too Much About Gender’

On Thursday’s “PBS NewsHour,” Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) stated that the Democratic Party sometimes talks too much about gender.

McCaskill said it is harder for a woman to become president “because we’ve never seen a woman in that role before, and I think there are some barriers there. But, on the other hand, I think women have some advantages that men don’t have.”

She continued, “And so, I think one of the mistakes that we make as a party is spending too much time talking about a gender thing. You know, we are a party of all kinds of people. And, you know, white men, white working-class men have traditionally been a huge part of our party. We have lost a lot of them. And one of those reasons is, we’ve had a tendency to talk maybe too much about gender. … I want inspirational, charismatic. I want somebody who’s competent and strong and authentic, and I don’t care if they’re a woman or a man.”

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