WATCH: Woman Chases Down, Shames ‘Porch Pirate’

A would-be thief attempting to steal a package off of a Colorado woman’s front porch learned the hard way that she messed with the wrong homeowner, according to a video of the incident.

The video shows homeowner Renee Abeyta of Lakewood confronting the suspected “porch pirate” to retrieve her package containing a Crock Pot cover, giving her a piece of her mind.

“What’s your name? Did you just steal something? Give it. I’m going to f—king call the police,” Abeyta shouts at the stranger.

“Leave me alone, lady. I didn’t take anything,” the female suspect replied, before beginning to sprint away.

Abeyta went after the woman, chasing her for a minute until the would-be thief gave up.

“Throw it down, and I’ll delete this. Throw it down!” Abeyta says, filming the encounter using her cellphone. Once the woman ran out of breath, she stopped running and handed the package back to Abeyta.

Abeyta said she was doing chores at home on Wednesday when her security camera app notified her that someone had been at her door. When she looked back through her surveillance footage, the footage revealed that a stranger lifted a package placed on her front doorstep.

“I was mad as hell. There was no way I was going to let her go,” Abeyta told KDVR. “And I would have ran for as many miles as I had to, to get my package.”

While “porch pirates” have targeted many households this holiday season, some homeowners have come up with creative ideas to stop them in their tracks.

One homeowner filled boxes full of kitty litter in attempts to deter the would-be thieves.