Chris Matthews: Dems ‘Have to Win the Election’ — ‘There’s No Waiting Around for Uncle Robert to Take Care of It

Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” MSNBC’s Chris Matthews acknowledged yesterday’s release of Attorney General William Barr’s findings of the Mueller report to Congress was the end of impeachment hopes for Democrats.
Matthews said it would be up to Democrats to win the 2020 election if they want to get rid of Trump, and they wouldn’t be able to rely on Robert Mueller, who he deemed “Uncle Robert,” to handle the situation.

“[I]f there’s a majority vote in the House for impeachment, it will be almost entirely Democrats. And you can make a case for obstruction of justice. I made it on the air. But it’s all broad daylight behavior by the president. Firing Comey — all that stuff we watched, it was a good case for obstruction of justice. But the Republicans already know that stuff, and they are not supporting impeachment. So, I think the Democrats have to win the election … There’s no waiting around for Uncle Robert to take care of it. Uncle Robert did what he thought he did was right, and Barr did what he thought was right in his judgment call. You got to do your own case.”

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