Gaetz on Trump Reelection Rally: ‘There Is an Electricity Here in Florida That We Think Is Going to Pulse All Around America’

Tuesday while speaking to Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity from Orlando, the site of President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign launch announcement, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) predicted the enthusiasm in that rally earlier was going to spread throughout the country.

Gaetz called the Trump reelection bid an “inclusive movement” and said that Trump was excited to be back on the campaign trail.

“There is an electricity here in Florida that we think is going to pulse all around America with an enthusiasm for the Trump campaign,” Gaetz said. “And what was so special today is that people really felt part of this movement. What’s different about Donald Trump is, and so special is that it’s an inclusive movement that invites people in if they want better jobs, better opportunity, and if they want America respected again.”

“It was great to see the president reinforce those themes, and I think you’re going to see him do even better,” he continued. “And you know what Sean? I rode down with him on Air Force One. Trump is excited to be out on the campaign trail. He can’t wait to excite the vibrance of this great country through his reelection campaign.”

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