Sonnie Johnson Warns Democratic Socialism Can Gain Foothold in Black Community

Tuesday on Fox Nation’s “Keeping Up with Jones,” Breitbart contributor and  host of “Sonnie’s Corner” on SiriusXM radio, Sonnie Johnson warned African-Americans may be moving toward “democratic socialism.”

Host Lawerence Jones asked, “There’s been this circulating question: Are black people leaving the Democratic Party? To which you respond?”

Johnson said, “No. Well, it’s not even a matter of if they’re leaving the Democratic Party. It’s a matter of, is there a change in the ideology? And that’s what I believe we’re heading towards. We’re heading towards a vacuum in the black community, where there is no trust for the Republican Party. There is no trust for conservative principles. But they’re also starting to see Democrats clearly. So they’re also starting to see ‘The Progressive’ clearly and understand that they’re not going to be bringing them any tangibles home as well.

She added, “My biggest fear is that democratic socialism is going to come in and fill that vacuum when capitalism and conservatism should be in that place.”

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