WATCH: Protestors Burn Chinese Flag Outside U.N. on Communist Anniversary

A coalition of minorities facing persecution by the Chinese Communist Party organized a protest outside of the United Nations headquarters in New York Tuesday to call for solidarity for the victims of Beijing’s totalitarian regime.

Protesters representing Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang, Mongolia, and other regions where the Chinese communists have repressed local populations for demanding basic freedoms urged the world to unite against dissidents seeking democracy for the people under control of dictator Xi Jinping.

In Xinjiang, China has established thousands of concentration camps believed to be holding upwards of one million mostly Muslim prisoners of Uighur, Kazakh, and Kyrgyz ethnic background, as well as some dissident Christians. The Communist Party has also used violence to repress Tibetan Buddhists, who do not consider themselves a rightful part of Beijing’s empire, and allow the legal practice of only five religions, all controlled by the state.

“There is no religious freedom in China or any of its occupied territories because the Chinese Communist Party sees all and any religions as a threat,” one protester told Breitbart News. “They see that any other being higher than the Communist Party is a threat to the existence of the Communist Party. They have been doing anything they can to crush the existence of religion.”

The forefront of the movement against Chinese communism has centered itself in Hong Kong, however, since protests erupted there in June. The Hong Kong protest movement is demanding China respect the “One Country, Two Systems” policy it adopted upon asserting sovereignty over the city in 1997, which bans Beijing from imposing communist law.

On Tuesday – as Beijing organized a spectacle in Xi Jinping’s honor featuring 100,000 marchers in an extravagant parade – Hong Kong pro-democracy activists took the streets in a “day of mourning” in honor of the victims of Chinese communism. In an unprecedented move, a police officer shot a teenage protester in the lungs, missing his heart by three centimeters. The adolescent is currently in stable condition after surgery.

“There is no turning back, in these times of prevailing injustice it is our utmost responsibility to stand up and fight back against violence,” another protester told Breitbart News in New York. “One who does not fear death, cares naught for threats.”



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