Discovery Channel Laments Co-Producing Chinese Propaganda Covering Up Uyghur Genocide: We Wouldn’t Do It Again

Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc., the parent company of the Discovery Channel, appeared to express remorse in a letter to members of Congress made public on Thursday about its decision to co-produce a travel program with Chinese state media focused on occupied East Turkistan, where the Communist Party has been engaging in genocidal activities since at least 2017.

BEIJING, CHINA - APRIL 22: Chinese Muslim worshippers gather as the national flag is raise

Earthquake and Landslides Rock China

The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) in China, home of the oppressed Uyghur Muslims, was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 7.1 on Tuesday afternoon, the day after a massive landslide struck the southwestern province of Yunnan. The earthquake killed at least three people, while at least 31 have been killed by the landslide.

Rescue workers search for missing victims at a damaged house following a landslide in Lian

TikTok Pushes Chinese Propaganda Ads to Millions Across Europe

China-owned TikTok is pushing a slew of Chinese propaganda advertisements to millions of Europeans in recent months. The ads tout everything from support of Chinese coronavirus lockdowns to presenting the Xinjiang region, where Uyghur minorities are forced to work in concentration camps, as a wonderful tourist destination.

Counter-protesters hold up Chinese flags to oppose the protesters gathering in central Lon

State Department: China’s Uyghur Genocide Continued Throughout 2022

The U.S. State Department released its 2022 human rights report for China on Monday, enraging the Chinese Communist government by finding that “genocide and crimes against humanity occurred during the year against predominantly Muslim Uyghurs and members of other ethnic and religious minority groups in Xinjiang.”

Demonstrators with chains on their hands and feet hold a protest as part of the worldwide

China Refuses to Release Data on Suicides During Coronavirus Lockdowns

One of the many pandemic secrets kept by the Chinese Communist government is the escalating rate of suicides under China’s severe, and seemingly endless, coronavirus lockdowns. A few high-profile tragedies have slipped past Communist censors to become topics of discussion on social media, but the government adamantly refuses to give anyone a glimpse at the big picture.

A resident looks out from her window during a Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown in the Jing&#0

Report: Walmart, GM Lobby U.S. to Hide Import Data that Could Reveal Slave, Child Labor

The Associated Press (AP) reported Tuesday that a coalition of major U.S. companies, including Walmart and General Motors, is quietly lobbying the government to make certain import data confidential — a change that would make it much more difficult for journalists and human rights activists to link imported goods to abusive labor practices abroad, including forced labor in China’s Xinjiang province and child labor in Africa.

Children wait in line to receive food distribution from a local supermarket at an evacuati

Chinese Communist Party Prepares Coronation for Xi Jinping

The Chinese Communist Party’s 20th Party Congress, which begins in Beijing on Sunday, is being carefully stage-managed as a coronation event for dictator Xi Jinping, who will seize a third term in power at the event and write himself into Communist history as the most consequential leader besides Party founder Mao Zedong.