Dem Rep. Torres: ‘I Am Afraid That Vladimir Putin May Have Something on the President’

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Right Now,” Rep. Norma Torres (D-CA) said she is afraid Russian President Vladimir Putin has negative information he is leveraging to control President Donald Trump.

Torres said, “I am afraid that Vladimir Putin may have something on the president. And it is the reason why the president has continued to play the handmaid to Vladimir Putin, inviting him to the White House and opening the doors and not having any advisers present, taking the notes from the interpreter and continuing to talk to him and continuing to parrot everything that he tells him.”

She added, “Russia is no friend of the U.S. They ever never been a friend to us. They continue to compromise us internationally. They continue to attack our friends and our allies overseas. So we have to be very careful, we have to keep a close eye on how this continues to evolve.”

Keilar said, “You said you think that Putin may have something, meaning compromising information, compromat, as it’s said in Russia, on President Trump? Do you have proof of that? Is there something specific that you’re thinking of when you say that.”

Torre said, “There is no other reason why President Trump continues to capitulate to what Putin is telling him. He doesn’t do that with anyone else. He doesn’t do that with his advisers. He doesn’t do that with his American Ambassadors, who are providing him time and time and time again. National security advisers that tell him that this is nothing but Russia propaganda that he continues to not believe our own intelligence over Putin.”

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