McCrory: Democrats’ Attacks on Trump ‘Could Almost Be Speaking Points for the Iranian Regime’

On Sunday’s broadcast of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” former Gov. Pat McCrory (R- NC) argued Democrats’ attacks against President Donald Trump after the killing Qasem Soleimani sounded like Iranian talking points.

McCrory said, “When the president killed a terrorist who was hiding behind the Iranian flag — but he was really a terrorist who was only 15 miles away from our embassy — he’s then called by Democratic leaders incompetent, unstable, act of war, terrorist. Just verbal attacks by our Democratic leaders. And that’s making him more weak because I think the Democrats at this point in time went too far in their rhetoric in making our country weaker in responding now to the Iranians’ possible counterattack.”

He added, “The Democrats have made these very personal attacks. In fact, they could almost be speaking points for the Iranian regime. We can’t make our president the villain in this.”

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