MSNBC’s Reid: Trump Is Angry at Romney, Obama’s Honesty and Manhood

MSNBC’s Joy Reid said Monday on her network that President Donald Trump lashes out at Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) and former President Barack Obama because he was angered by “honest people.”

Reid said, “Donald Trump is somebody who from just the people I’ve spoken with who are in that orbit and that have dealt with him, Donald Trump is so angry and so incensed and so infuriated so humiliated by having been impeached, he’s lashing out at everyone involved in it.”

She continued, “The reason I think that Donald Trump also is so angry, particularly at Mitt Romney and the lashing out at Mitt Romney is that Donald Trump somewhere deep down understands that the Republican Party that he’s stolen, one day the people he calls ‘Never Trumpers’ will steal it back. And the kind of men, the men who actually still have that sense of manhood to stand up for what the party was supposed to be about, what my father believed in when he believed in the Republican Party, are men like Mitt Romney and this gentleman right here, Mr. Weld. It’s not people like Donald Trump.”

She added, “Donald Trump sort of — the book that I just recently wrote, I likened him to the Joker .. I sort of likened him to Joker in Batman. Joker’s whole life is about hating Batman because Batman is everything he can never be. Barack Obama, people like Mitt Romney that are honest people. I don’t agree with Mitt Romney, but he’s honest.”

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