Scarborough: Trump Admin Coronavirus ‘Stupidity’ Will Get Americans Killed

Monday, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” reacted to Dr. Ben Carson downplaying the seriousness of the coronavirus and refusing to preview the Trump administration’s plan to handle the 3,500 passengers aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship which had multiple cases of coronavirus on board.

Host Joe Scarborough said the Trump administration has no plan, adding the administration’s “stupidity” regarding the coronavirus will get Americans killed.

“They have no plan. They might have a plan in 72 hours, and he can’t tell you anything about that plan,” Scarborough advised. “And it’s like Donald Trump saying on Friday, I don’t want that ship to dock because that will just mean that there are more reported numbers of the coronavirus, as if somehow those numbers, being reported somewhere, is going to change the reality. That’s the thing, these people aren’t in touch with the reality, the fact that the virus does not care about their stupid politics. The virus does not care about their stupid stunts on the House floor. The virus does not care about their stupid denials or their attacks on the press or on Democrats, or on international health organizations. The virus is going to kill Americans, regardless of their stupidity — or actually, because of their stupidity.”

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