Brooks: ‘I’ve Become a Bit of a Fan of Federalism’ in Coronavirus Response

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks stated that in light of how the White House has handled the coronavirus response, he has “become a bit of a fan of federalism.”

Brooks stated the White House’s guidelines on reopening are “obviously too little, too late. What you want in this circumstance is a blueprint, is somebody to get up there, like a CEO, and say, here’s where the tests are being made. Here’s how many are going to come in next week. Here’s how many are going to come in this week. … And it’s just been vague promises to you and to the Democratic senators.”

He added, “As for getting it to the states, I’ve become a bit of a fan of federalism. In an ideal world, the virus spreads across state lines, so we would have a national response. But given where the White House is and the level of competence they’ve displayed, I’m glad a lot of power is resting with the governors. And as this thing begins to bite economically, I think it’s good that the people who are making the crucial decisions are governors who have way higher levels of trust and approval ratings than the president, who’s so divisive. And so, I’m beginning to appreciate the wisdom of the founders in putting so much power in the state governments.”

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