Atl. Mayor Bottoms: ‘It Appears That We’re Doing Better’ in GA – Reopening ‘Not as Bad as I Thought’ Yet

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (D) stated that Georgia seems to be “doing better as a state,” and that while there are lags in infections, under the state’s reopening, “things are not as bad as I thought that they would be, yet.”

Bottoms began by expressing concern about the worldwide spike in cases and by noting that “we’ve had so many questions about the data in our state and whether or not it’s accurate data, and I think really the telltale sign for so many of us will be what will be the impact on our hospitals.”

She continued, “I know in Georgia, we are dismantling the expansion that we had in our World Congress Center. I hope it’s not too soon. But, right now, based on our analysis of the data that we have from the state, we are about on a ten-day decline. We need four more days, of course, to be in that 14-day decline that we have been awaiting.”

Bottoms added, “Well, again, we are about ten days in. So, if we had followed the CDC guidelines, we would be four more days, and then we could begin to relieve some of those restrictions that were in place, but that being said, things are not as bad as I thought that they would be, yet. And I am very hopeful that they continue that way. But, as we know, with COVID-19, there’s often a lag in infections and when people begin to actually show symptoms and get sick. And so, right now, it appears that we’re doing better as a state, and I’ll keep watching and waiting.”

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