Barr: We’re Sending ‘Well over 100 Federal Agents’ to Kansas City to Combat Crime

During an interview with ABC News released on Wednesday, Attorney General William Barr announced that the Department of Justice will place “well over 100 federal agents” in Kansas City, MO to help state and local officials combat gang violence in the city in response to a request for federal assistance from state and local officials in dealing with the spikes in crime in the city.

Barr said, “Well, the president recently said to states and cities that the federal government is ready, willing, and able to come in and help. We just received a request, yesterday, actually, from Missouri, the governor of Missouri and the city of Kansas City. They’ve had a serious spiking in crime, particularly murders. … And so, we are going to go in. A 4-year-old, African American boy, who had recovered recently from open-heart surgery was shot in the face while he was lying in his bed. And his name was LeGend. And so, we’re going to launch Operation Legend in Kansas City and put in well over 100 federal agents to augment the agents we already have there working with the state and local to go after the gangs that are responsible for this.”

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