Kentucky AG Cameron to Joe Biden: ‘Black Folks Are Not Monolithic in Our Thinking’

Tuesday, after giving a speech at the Republican National Convention, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron appeared on FNC’s “Fox News @ Night” to elaborate on his remarks condemning the Democratic Party for its assumptions about the black community.

Cameron indicated he took issue with Biden’s approach to black voters and refuted the notion they are automatic votes for the Democratic Party.

“Vice President Biden has made a series of gaffes as it relates to African-Americans in taking our votes for granted,” he said. “We’ve seen that time and time again in some of the commons that he is made, whether it be telling folks that ‘if you ain’t voting for him, you ain’t black. Or the fact that he goes into a show with a black journalist and, in the same context, mentioned the word ‘junkie.’ Black folks are not monolithic in our thinking. We are the only group of individuals that are told we have to subscribe to one party, and that is the Democratic Party.

“I’m here to say that enough is enough,” Cameron continued. “And I know that there are millions of African-Americans look just like me that aren’t in chains and have minds of their own to articulate their views and their values. I grew up in a small town. My values were undergirded by my faith and by my parents. So, I know that there are folks a look just like me that have had great consternation over being Democrats over the course of their lives. I’m here to say, and I know other speakers the course of this week are here to say that the Republican Party stands open and welcoming to those that might want to take a different path.”

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