Klobuchar: ‘We Are Not Safe in Donald Trump’s America’

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) said on Sunday’s broadcast of ABC’s “This Week” people were “not safe in Donald Trump’s America,” citing an “increase in hate crimes” and the coronavirus pandemic.

Klobuchar said, “I have long condemned looting, violence, threats. That’s not peaceful protest, and I don’t care who’s engaging in it. You condemn it, and of course, Joe Biden has clearly condemned it, but let’s step back. This isn’t just happening in one place. It’s happening all over the country. It is happening under Donald Trump’s watch. What is going on? We have innocent people like George Floyd shot by police. We have what happened in Kenosha. And then we have a president that literally stands on the people’s lawn in violation of the Hatch Act, stands on the lawn with a bunch of pageantry and a bunch of fancy clothes with arias playing from the balcony and says, do you want to be safe?”

She continued, “We are not safe in Donald Trump’s America. Not only have we seen an increase in hate crimes, not only have we seen increases in crime, but we have seen 3,600 people die during the Republican Convention, Jonathan. Now over 180,000 people that died from this coronavirus.”

She added, “I think Joe Biden has a very strong case to make about the changes he will make to make this country more safer. We have not seen this with this president.”

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