Laura Ingraham: Democrats ‘Don’t Even Pretend to Hide Their Anti-Catholicism’

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle,” host Laura Ingraham opened her show decrying the “anti-Christian and anti-Catholic bigotry” on display from the Democratic Party, especially as Seventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a Catholic, is the front-runner to be appointed by President Donald Trump to fill the vacancy left by Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Transcript as follows:

INGRAHAM: We saw it coming for years, but with the possible Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, the anti-Christian and anti-Catholic bigotry within the Democrat Party is now undeniable.

Now, I’m going to say it even more starkly. Joe Biden, a Roman Catholic, is now presiding over a party that has an ugly vendetta against all people of strong, traditional faith. Democrats revealed their antipathy toward Barrett’s faith background during her confirmation hearing to the appellate court a few years ago.


SEN. MAZIE HIRONO (D-HI): I think your article is very plain, in your perspective, about the role of religion for judges, in particularly with regard to Catholic judges,

SEN. DICK DURBIN (D-IL): Do you consider yourself an orthodox Catholic?

SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN (D-CA): When you read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you. And that’s of concern.


INGRAHAM: You know, DiFei, what’s really of concern? Is that the Democrats would even sink this low. Do they even know the history of their own party? During the 1960 presidential campaign many Protestants oppose the candidacy of JFK on the suspicion that his loyalty would be divided between the Vatican on one side and the American people and the Constitution on the other.

Now, in response, Kennedy gave an absolutely stirring defense of his candidacy and of religious liberty.


JOHN F. KENNEDY, 35TH U.S. PRESIDENT: If I should lose on the real issues, I shall return to my seat in the Senate, satisfied that I had tried my best and was fairly judged. But if this election is decided on the basis that 40 million Americans lost their chance of being President on the day they were baptized, then it is the whole nation that will be the loser, in the eyes of Catholics and non-Catholics around the world, in the eyes of history, and in the eyes of our own people.


INGRAHAM: Well, that was prophetic. Barrett is everything that they hate. She’s a practicing Roman Catholic, a mother of seven children, a judicial textualist and unfailingly respectful and courteous, even when her critics are the opposite.

Since Democrats have pegged their entire existence on preserving Roe v. Wade – they’ll die on that hill, they’ve shunned and expelled pretty much all pro-Life members of their own party. Now, that means excluding from their ranks every Christian, Jew and Muslim in the entire country who believe in traditional gender roles and protecting innocent life, and so be it.

And now they don’t even pretend to hide their anti-Catholicism. In November 2019, Letitia James, the rabid product- abortion, New York Attorney General, announced that henceforth no money from the Democratic Attorneys General Association would go to pro-Life Democrats. None of those AG candidates would get a penny. In fact, they had to publicly swear fealty to abortion rights to get money.

Now, what a far cry from the time when the Democrat Party still cared about appealing to the country’s religious voters, many of whom were pro-Life. In 1993, President Bill Clinton stated his party’s abortion views this way.


BILL CLINTON, 42ND U.S. PRESIDENT: an approach that seeks to protect the right to choose while reducing the number of abortions. Our vision should be of an America where abortion is safe and legal, but rare.


INGRAHAM: Rare? Well, that’s now totally out of the window. Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez and her Marxist mavens perhaps don’t realize that the constitution and Article VI expressly states that no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States. Get it?

The Left always proclaims that views that they oppose are somehow outside the mainstream. That’s a little trick. First, if you believe in the proper role of judges, you know that their political or cultural views should be irrelevant to judging.

Second, support for abortion-on-demand in America isn’t overwhelming at all. In fact, 47 years after Roe, the country is still bitterly divided on the issue, which is another reason why it was better left up to the States.

And by the way, according to a Gallup poll on abortion from May 2020, 24 percent of Democrats identify as pro-life. 41 percent of women say they’re pro-Life, as to 43 percent of non-White voters. Are they all out the window for the Democrats as well, they just don’t count?

Additionally – and this always shocks the liberal elites, 55 percent of Americans say abortion should be illegal or allowed in only a few circumstances. But the Democrats have really got themselves in a pickle here because they’re so invested in using the court as a way to advance a far-left social agenda that they can’t get past and the regular legislative process, that they’ve alienated millions and millions and millions of moderate voters in rural and suburban America like the people represented in that Gallup poll.

Now, of course, Democrats, all right, they think you’re really stupid. They think that you’re going to forgive and forget all of their efforts to cancel the faithful from public life, by the way, by using meaningless generalities about Joe’s faith.


MICHELLE OBAMA, FORMER FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES: He is a profoundly decent man guided by faith.

REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA): He comes from a very devout Catholic family.

BARACK OBAMA, 44TH U.S. PRESIDENT: That’s what stills his faith in God.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But at the end of the day, I think he’s a man of faith.


INGRAHAM: But that doesn’t inoculate Biden, or any of them from being complicit in the Democratic Party’s anti-religious search and destroy mission. They’ve move so far Left on cultural issues, they’re so wedded to Roe that they exclude and demonize people from their own church who hold traditional views on life, marriage and human sexuality. All the while bragging about how they cherish diversity and inclusivity. By the way, those are total lies.

Yesterday Newsweek published a story entitled, How Charismatic Catholic Groups like Amy Coney Barrett’s People of Praise Inspired ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. Now, that’s like saying your church inspired The Da Vinci Code, but it doesn’t make the fiction true, no matter what group inspired it.

Now, this defamatory piece contradicts itself when it states that Atwood was inspired by an entirely different group with no connection to this people of praise. Amazingly, Newsweek left the piece up, despite having to issue this embarrassing correction. “This article’s headline originally stated that People of Praise inspired “The Handmaid’s Tale.” A New Yorker profile of the author from 2017 mentions a newspaper clipping as part of a research for the book of a different charismatic Catholic group. People of Hope. Newsweek regrets the error.”

But this is how the Left always operates. Depict a benevolent, charismatic faithful prayer group, which counts Catholic Bishops, by the way, as their members, portray that as an evil cult and then attempt to use it against a judge who has the audacity to believe in God.

Now, I fully expect the upcoming confirmation hearing will showcase Democrats’ supreme desire to excommunicate the faithful from serving in any prominent capacity in government. And their actions will once again demonstrate how fundamentally they misconstrue the Constitution, their proper advise and consent role, and the function of nine justices who sit on the court itself.


KENNEDY: For a while this year, it may be a Catholic against whom the finger of suspicion is pointed. In other years it has been and may someday be again a Jew or a Quaker or a Unitarian or a Baptist. It was Virginia’s harassment of Baptist preachers, for example, that led to Jefferson’s statute of religious freedom. Today, I may be the victim, but tomorrow it may be you until the whole fabric of our harmonious society is ripped apart at a time of great national peril.


INGRAHAM: That’s where the Democrats have taken America, to a place of great national peril. And that’s “The Angle.”

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